Highly Recommended AS/400 Application Migrations

Do you need to migrate your AS400 applications to Windows, Linux or Unix? Then, Infinite I can be one of the best choices to take. Infinite is actually such global leading company on IBM AS400 applications migrations and then it also has performed a lot of successful AS400 migration. Moreover, Infinite has also developed and launched a lot of successful products and services packages AS400-based designed to migrate programs or applications written in COBOL and RPG. Then, how is about Infinite I?

Well, Infinite i is a series of compilers, utilities as well as operating system services which allow applications programs, especially applications developed under COBOL or RPG for the AS/400 database and environment, to be migrated, recompiled and executed on its target platform. The compilers itself include RPG ILE, RPG/400, COBOL, COBOL ILE, CL and DDS. These compilers let AS/400 COBOL and RPG source code to recompile into native object code for the 64-bit Windows Enterprise Server, Red Hat Linux, HP-UX for Itanium, Solaris and AIX. Moreover, the compilers certainly represent impressive technology, but it is not the most significant piece of the puzzle of the Infinite i.

Infinite I is actually a better solution for any AS/400 developer who wants to keep their investment in IBM Midrange applications as well as resources. The benefits of using Infinite I are prompt- operationally, financially and strategically. It is easy to use, fast to deploy and cost effective method of migrating as well as modernizing AS/400 applications to Linux, Windows or Unix and DB2/400 data to Oracle or Ms SQL. Moreover, it also provides such ability to reduce the number of platforms to support white protecting the legacy code investment and the current support and development staffs. As a comprehensive solution for AS/400 application migration, Infinite I also offer lower cost, yet highly scalable architecture.