The Future Of SEO In The Upcoming Years

SEO as a whole changed a lot since when it began almost 15 years ago. With many new tools and techniques and with a whole new indexing process, SEO is probably the biggest focus within the Digital Marketing field. Let’s analyse what the future has in store for this obscure art.

More Technical-Related Stuff

When it comes to SEO, Google admitted the fact that they want to push backend optimisation in terms of coding and speed. This is due to the fact that, since its recent updates, Google’s algorithm heavily relies on understanding how a site performs in terms of UX: Bounce Rate and User Flow are in fact two of the main factors that every SEO specialist should take into consideration.
Another important Tech-related aspect would be related to Structured Data, given the fact that Google Crawlers are relying more and more on a simple “code reading” process, which led to the usage of many different Schema Markups.

Tailored Link Building

Although many are saying that Link Building as a whole is a dead practice to do when it comes to general SEO, it still heavily boosts a site’s traffic, especially if done properly. Of course, the ranking factors that were telling which one was a “good link” have drastically changed, moving from domain authority to page rank to nowadays’ trust flow. In 2019, we can safely say that the better-chosen links will definitely succeed in boosting a site’s authority and overall rankings.

Relevant Sources

It’s not hard to understand how Google combines different sources of traffic when it comes to brand mentions: having multiple social media channels which are linked is, in fact, one of the main reasons why Google decides to rank a website instead of another one when it comes to a specific keyword. The overall brand mention process is related to creating a Knowledge Panel, which comes up every time a user types in the search bar the company or brand’s name.

To Conclude

SEO is changing faster than ever. Combining multiple technologies at once and relying more and more on an algorithmic optimisation instead of just focusing on content. User experience will definitely be the main focus, especially on mobile (as many iOS app development and Android app development companies are saying), given the fact that Google recently started to index the whole mobile world as a separate matter.