The Top Secret behind a Chicken Curry Recipe

Every mother wants to make a chicken curry recipe and make it the best. What is the best chicken curry recipe? It is, in fact, a really hard question because the chicken curry is so various and different in different places. A chicken curry usually consists of 3 main ingredients; they are spicing, a mixture of ginger, onion, and garlic, as well as something more. All of those three, the most important is the generosity of spices. Unfortunately, such spices are not the only important for the best chicken curry recipe. Instead, you still need to know more about a few basic principles in cooking a chicken curry.

There are at least three principles in making a chicken curry recipe and cooking it. First, (once again), be generous with your chicken curry spices. The spices give flavor and texture to the chicken curry. Most markets sell chicken curry spices in small packages. You better obtain the spices from Asian markets where you will be allowed to get bigger packed spices. Second, you must determine the cooking method for your garlic, onion, and ginger. Some traditions such as Indians eschew the curry o account of the pungency. In the traditions, the curry may not undergo coloring for a lighter-colored curry, or they often cook the curry longer and caramelize for something darker and richer.

Third, you must give the body to the chicken curry. To do it, you can usually just be fine with adding chilies, pureed peppers, and tomatoes, coconut milk, cream, yoghurt, spinach, pureed or finely diced onion. Those are the three main principles of every version of chicken curry you must know. If you have mastered the principles, you can start improvise your chicken curry and make the best chicken curry of your own.